Veggie seed list



Mary Washington Asparagus  release in 1919, became most popular standard asparagus

Black Turtle Dry Bean             Old heirloom introduce in late 1770s, great for soups
Dark Red Kidney Dry Bean    Popular for use in Chili Con Carne & Creole dish red beans & rice
Pinto Dry Bean                         Popular choice for Mexican cuisine, commonly used for refried beans

Edamame Edible Soybean     Dates back to 1275, from a letter written by Nichiren, a Japanese monk 

Blue Lake Pole Bean               A favorite of early Oregon farmers

Royal Burgundy Bush Bean  Delicious beans that turn green when cooked

Royalty Purple Pod Bean       Purple pods, stringless & tender bush type bean



De Ciccio Broccoli                            Introduced in 1890, Di Ciccio is an old Italian heirloom

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli   –  A great old English heirloom!


Red Acre Cabbage  –  Heirloom cabbage thats great for salads & coleslaw

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage  –  Introduced in the 1840s, tasty 2-lb sweet & flavorful heads

Atomic Red Carrot          –  Red colored carrots originated in India, China & Japan in the 1700s
Cosmic Purple Carrot    –  Sweet flavor, antioxidant content as potent as its color
Deep Purple Carrot        –  Cultivated in Afghanistan, Turkey & Middle East since 900 A.D.

Jaune de Doubs Carrot  –  Lemonyellow carrot that comes from FranceMentioned in 1894
St. Valery Carrot              – The Vilmorins of France mentioned this variety in 1885


Purple of Sicily Cauliflower  Colorful Italian Heirloom, purplered heads



Utah Celery  –  In ancient times, celery was valued primarily for its medicinal benefits


Bright Lights Swiss Chard – Pink, yellow, red, white & orange colored stalks

Blue Jade Corn                             exotic, beautiful blue sweet corn on miniature plants

Broom Corn, Multicolor           grown in Africa & Asia for centuries, used for flatbread, whisk brooms, etc.

Country Gentleman Corn          old fashioned white shoe peg variety first introduced in 1890

Glass Gem Corn                             An amazing beautiful, translucent, multicolored corn
Golden Bantam Corn                  First introduced in 1902, good oldfashioned cornonthecob flavor!

Miniature Pink Popcorn             –  Old variety, kernels range from pink to mauve to light purple
Painted Hill Sweet Corn                Painted Mountainflour corn  Luther Hill sweet corn
Stowells Evergreen Sweet Corn
Truckers Favorite Yellow Corn    Eaten fresh as roasted ears, dried kernels ground for flour



Straight Eight Cucumber  Heirloom 1935 AllAmerican selections winner


Black Beauty Eggplant  –  old heirloom variety still one of the most popular today


Robust Barley seed
Jet Barley
Chowford Barley
Burbank Hulless Barley

Black Hulless Barley


Hulless Oats

Organic Cayuse Oats


Red Quinoa    Raw, uncooked quinoa is 13% water, 64% carbohydrates , 14% protein & 6% fat


Rice Carolina Gold  –  grandfather of longgrain riceappeared in Carolina colony by 1685



Organic Winter Rye  –  especially healthy for diabetics


White Sonora Wheat                        

Hard White Wheat                               –    will store for 10 to 15 years in a #10 can, used for bread & brewing

Organic Emmer Wheat                      –   “Pharaohs Wheat”  Once widely cultivated in the ancient world


Tibetan Purple Barley
Apache Red Sorghum


Georgia Southern Collard Greens  –   heirloom, Collard Greens have been eaten for at least 2000 years


Dwarf Blue Curled Kale    heirloom 1863  , so attractive it can be grown for its appearance alone

Rainbow Lacinato Kale     Leaves are accented with blue, red & purple, classic flavor

Iceberg Head Lettuce  1894 American heirloom, mild flavor, superior to supermarket variety
Lollo Rossa Lettuce     Native to Italy, 100 times more antioxidants than common lettuce
Mascara Lettuce           Heirloom with mild taste, mascarared, frilly, oakshaped leaves 
Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce  Highest nutritional value of any lettuce, crisp & flavorful



Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion  Gardeners favorite, mild sweet onions


Alderman Pea       –  An old variety, first introduced in 1878

Little Marvel Pea  originally introduced by Sutton & Sons of  Reading, England in 1900

Sweet Banana Peppers         a good source of vitamins A & C dietary fiber potassium

Long Red Cayenne Pepper   Used in Korean, Sichuan & other Asian cuisine

Red Chili Pepper                     Part of the human diet in Americas since at least 7500 BC

Habanero Peppers, Orange – classic Orange Habanero , one of the hottest peppers

Oda Pepper (mini purple)     Very sweet, shade of plum purple ripening to redbrown
Sweet Pickled Peppers          mature to lovely shades of yellow, orange, red & purple

Tabasco Pepper                      Used for Tabasco sauce Scoville rate of 30,000 to 50,000



Strawberry Spinach  Equally delicious eaten raw or steamed, tiny red fruits tasty in salads

Viroflay Spinach        –  French heirloom dates back to 1885


Sweet Potato Squash  first introduced by a seedsman in the USA in 1894

Amish Paste Tomato   Acquired from Amish farms of Lancaster Pa. from Amish of Wisconsin
Beefsteak Tomato        classic huge tomato, bears large 12 pound fruits

Besser Tomato              Old German favorite dates back to 1880s, very sweet cherry tomatoes
Fat Cherry Tomato       a classic sweet cherry tomato w/ fruits that can reach the size of a golf ball

Moneymaker Tomato  Old English heirloom Flavorful & becoming Rare



Golden Zucchini – classic Golden Zucchini, with golden yellow skinned fruits

Grey Zucchini      has been a favorite of vegetable gardeners since the 1950s


Large Leaf Italian Basil    Genovesetype basil the very favorite of the culinary world
Basil , sweet                     –  Cultivated in India for over 5000 years

Cilantro                             –  All parts of the plant are edible

Fenugreek                        –  a common ingredient in dishes from South Asia

Lavender , English          –  Used for herbal medicine, herbal tea & message therapy
White Mustard                –   flavor is considered to be milder than that produced by black mustard seeds

Oregano , Greek             –  Valued for its beauty, medicinal value & culinary uses

Parsley, Italian Giant       used in Italy & Greece for culinary & medicinal purposes for generations

Italian Rosemary              Perfect compliment to roasted lamb, chicken, turkey & potato dishes