Tree seed list

Rare & NonGMO Tree seeds


Red Alder Tree Native Americans used bark to treat poison oak, insect bites & skin irritations

                               Blackfeet Indians used bark infusion to treat lymphatic disorders & tuberculosis

                               clinical studies verified betulin & lupeol, effective against a variety of tumors
Creamy Bark Birch Tree – birch trees usesfood, medicine, syrup, basketry, dyes, lumber & fire wood

Bodhi Tree                         under this tree it is said Siddhartha Gautama Buddhaattained enlightenment

Paperbark Cherry Tree   stimulates respiration, improves digestion, treatment of cancer

Chinese Elm                       considered the hardest of the elms, water resistant wood

Royal Empress Tree         honors Anna Pavlovna of Russia, treatment of warts, ulcers,

                                                 cleanse the body of intestinal worms & parasites

Rainbow Eucalyptus        matures to give blue, purple, orange & then maroon tones

Flamboyant Tree              wood is water resistant to & used for making fence posts

Blue Guarri dye for baskets, mats & wool, root infusion for various ailments, a purgative from fruit or bark

Blue Jacaranda Tree – wood is often used in its green or wet state for turnery & bowl carving  

Lace Leaf Japanese Maple – branches & leaves are used as a treatment in traditional Chinese medicine 

Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo Biloba) – found in fossils dating back 270 million years, Native to China

Red Maple Tree – used for syrup before buds emerge & firewood

Sugar Maple Tree      maple syrup, wood uses Bowling alley lanes & pins, baseball bats, cue sticks,

                                           basketball court flooring, archery bows, musical instruments 

Trident Maple Tree    sap contains antioxidants, supports a healthy immune response, prevents hangovers,

                                           lowers blood pressure, prevents gastric ulcer, improves osteoporosislike symptoms

European Olive           major agricultural importance as a source of olive oil

Dawn Redwood Tree – second only to the panda as a conservation icon

Hardy Rubber Tree    one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Chinese herbology

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree – Navajo & Keres Native Americans used an infusion of the needles to treat colds

                                                      & settle the stomach & externally for rheumatic pains & wood for building

Wisteria Chinese Blue – native to China, brought to Britian in 1816 popular Bonzai tree