Flowers seed list


Carnation    –  exact range is unknown due to extensive cultivation for the last 2,000 years

Columbine  –  cascading flowers in shades of white pink red,  yellow peach,  blue & purple

Majorette Double Champagne Hollyhock   fully double dwarf powderpuff variety w/ pink flowers

Blue Boy Bachelors Button”                         brought to America in the 17th century, Colorful blue, double flowers
Clarks Heavenly Blue Morning Glory           heirloom dates to the 1920s, Lovely 4inch paleblue flowers
Flying Saucers Morning Glory                        huge 6inch blooms are pure white w/ bright blue stripes

California Giant Cherry Queen  known as youthandage grows to about 30 in height

MountainLaurel                            state flower of Connecticut & Pennsylvania, founded 1882
Malay Rose Torch Ginger            tropical rain forests native, fairly rare pink flowers w/ white center

Adenium Super Perfume     from Taiwan, each desert rose creates its own sculptural design
Elephant Head Amaranth   brought from Germany in 1880s, deep reddishpurple in color

Confederate Rose   white in the morning, pink during noon & red in the evening, same day

Sacred Pink Lotus   –  germinated 1,300 year old seeds from a dry lake bed in China
Houndstongue         – reddish-purple flowers, in 1725 was presented in the family dictionary

Red Sun Sunflower  bright red flowers grows only 3½ to 4 feet tall
Bells of Ireland          antique Irish flower w/ green, bell shaped calyx grown for centuries
Globe Thistle              frosty blue round flowers, for dry flower arrangements & butterfly or bee garden
Forget Me Not            popular oldtime favorite, light blue flowers
Apricot Beauty           lovely, peachyapricot flower spikes
Zebrina Hollyhock    in Victorian cottage gardens, lovely lavender flowers w/ deep purple stripes
Black Swan                 gorgeous double flowers, frilly cut petals of burgundy to almost black
Purple Peony

Cream Peony

Black Peony               deep purpleblack colored flowers, large fully double & ruffled
Flemish Antique      –  beautiful, large double blooms in shades of rose, all striped with creamy white
Lilac PomPom          –  double & semidouble lilac flowers
Frosted Salmon       giant fully double & bright salmonpink flowers, creamy frosted edges
Mexican Hat coneflower   resembles a sombrero, cone shaped, drooping red petals, gold tipped
Skyscraper Sunfower         12 ft. stalks w/ 14bright yellow flowers, Large edible seeds
Turquoise Ixia                      South African flower, exotic turquoisebluegreen color

Cherry Caramel Phlox –

Blue Violet

Pot Marigold

Orchid Cream Nasturtium –

Tip Top Alaska Salmon Nasturtium –

Salmon Janina Aster

Berna Velvet Blue Pansy –