Sam’s House VIP Mission Statement



                                                          Original Mission Statement had one goal

                                               to entertain audiences with Originals & Cover songs.

                                      With the addition of Parody songs & Adult Comedy Originals,

                                                                    You can customize the show.

                         We now aim to make you Laugh, Dance, Sing & put a SMILE on your face.


                    Since being informed on GMO  & how it has tainted our food supply for decades,

                                                    for the Sake of all people especially children,

                          Sams House has an additional goal to create Sams House VIP Gardens

                                                      By doing this we will have an opportunity

                                         to bring healthy NONGMO food & drinks to our society.

                    Donating food to the less fortunate , along with Herbal teas & medicinal herbs

                                        one of the most important necessities our country needs!

                                      Sams House will be donating a percentage from each show

                                            to go towards the future of Sams House VIP Gardens.