For those who would like to contribute to Sams House VIP Gardens.



          Your help is appreciated & together the possibilities are endless.



Goal #1 – To have 3 nurseries


First nursery full of Medicinal herbs

Second nursery w/ Non GMO fruits & veggies

Third nursery full of rare & exotic plants & flowers


used to create not only Tropical & Botanical garden paradises

but to also preserve genetics for future generations.



Goal #2 – To start the Brotherhood


People who have no hidden agenda but to help their fellow mankind.

Working together to promote Morality, Knowledge & Health.

Looking to help out less fortunate & curing diseases


It’s time to cure Cancer & many other diseases

which have taken numerous family & loved ones


We hope to help by donating anything with medicinal properties

to any researchers & medical clinics.

Also by offering to share with anyone in need

no fee donations only



Chosen for their unique properties that each one possesses from :


Stimulating Hair Growth , Reducing & Reverse Thinning , Strengthen & Thicken Hair


treating Asthma , Bronchitis , Kidney/Bladder disorders , PMS & Menopause Symptoms


 Cancer , Insomnia Anxiety Strengthen Nervous System Blood Purifier Lung Disease


Oral & Genital Herpes , Hepatitis  Liver Stimulant , Chronic Rheumatism Detoxification


Scarlet FeverSyphilis Malaria Blood Poisoning Diphtheria ,   IBS Morning Sickness


PsoriasisImproving Memory , Anti-Aging Tuburculosis Migraines Arthritis ,  Candida


Tinnitus Increase Libido Improve Semen Quality Strength & Endurance


Colic , Cramps Diarrhea Headache Dizziness Flu Cold Sores Acne Nausea


Hay Fever Stomach Ache Athletes Foot Yeast Infection + lots more