Misc. seed list



Barbados Nut Can produce a highquality biodiesel fuel for standard diesel engines

Cashew – Raw material of multiple uses in drugs, antioxidants, fungicides & biomaterials

Jojoba Nut   Biodiesel fuel & liquid wax, Used by 18th century Native Americans

Macadamia Nut – 20% or more of the daily value of several essential nutrients, high in total fat

Peanut – remains of pods have been dated at about 7,600 years old, peanut flour is glutenfree

Pecan    –  Commercial growing of pecans in the U.S. began in the 1880s

Pinyon Pine Delicious, commercial pine nut with a wide variety of uses & contains 15% protein

Pistachio Nut – common food as early as 6750 BC,  high amounts of potassium

Chinese Pistachio In China, the oil from the seeds is used for biodiesel production



Tea – The dried young leaves are green tea, the fermented leaves are black tea

Kona Coffee      One of the most expensive coffees in the world, cultivated in Hawaii
Dwarf Coffee    Dwarf type of Arabica known also for its high yield of fruits
Coffea Arabica  Coffee beans are the seeds of the berries which grow in abundance
Robusta Coffee A dwarf commercial coffee variety known for its high quality beans



Cuba 4

Havana 263  – Historically used for cigar binder, as well as for wrappers & for filler
TN86 Burley – Bred as an improved Burleytype used for cigarettes
Little Dutch  – Used in pipe blends, binders & fillers for cigars, pre 1880s variety

Virginia Bright Leaf  Popular in early 1800s used for cigarette & pipe blends


Soap Aloe South African species of aloe, sap makes a soapy lather in water
Soapwart Historically been used to clean delicate or unique textiles
Chinese Soapberry Used for washing by ancient people in Asia & Native Americans


Upland Cotton  Most widely planted species of cotton in the United States

Sensitive Plant – Leaves fold inward & droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves
Octopus Plant A carnivorous plant, gluetipped tentacles traps small bugs, gnats & flies