Medical seed list


Rhubarb Official          –   1 of 4 ingredients in the Essiac tea anti-cancer formula
Sorrel Sheep                 –   1 of 4 ingredients in the Essiac tea anti-cancer formula
Burdock                         –   1 of 4 ingredients in the Essiac tea anti-cancer formula

Slippery Elm                  –  1 of 4 ingredients in the Essiac teaanti-cancer formula


Andrographis              traditional Siddha & Ayurvedic medicine, antiinflammatory, microbial & biotic

Angelica                        –  gastrointestinal & respiratory tractnervous system, fever, infection flu
Ashwagandha              used to treat stress, exhaustion, memory problems & much more

Balsam Chinese           –  the entire plant is loaded with healing mucilage
Borage                           –  PMS, urinary, gastrointestinal, respiratory & cardiovascular disorders
Pleurisy Root                 diarrhea, dysentery, chronic rheumatism, an expectorant & lungs
Cape Aloe                       –  A popular aloe & medicinal companion to Aloe vera
Chamomile, German   –  sore stomach, irritable bowel syndrome & gentle sleep aid
Chaste Tree Vitex        –  PMS Cyclical mastalgia Mild hyperprolactinemia  Luteal phase defect
Purple Coneflower      a general cureall“, syphilis, malaria, blood poisoning, diphtheria + more
Edelweiss                       –  Stomach Ache Flower”, antiaging herb, inhibit tumors + more
Elecampane                helps loosen phlegm, lung diseases, asthma, bronchitis

Feverfew                      irregular menstrual periods, arthritis, psoriasis, tinnitusdizziness
Flax                               100grams = 534 calories, 41 gfat, 28 gfiber & 20 gprotein 
Gotu Kola                    used for thousands of years to treat many internal & external maladies
Hawkweed                  –  antibiotic against brucellosis, active sunscreen compound, potent diuretic
Hops                             –  natural antiseptic , nourishing oil recognized as hair growth stimulant
Lemon Balm               main ingredient of Carmelite water, sleep & digestive aid, nervous system, liver
Black Maca                  –  highly nutritious plant, aphrodisiac, increase libido & improve semen quality
Marsh Mallow             –  skin irrations, throat & eye inflamations, rich in mucilage, a natural hair detangler
Mint (Korean)              –  antibacterial, antifungal, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, febrifuge & stomachic
Pinyon Pine                 –  nuts have wide variety of uses & contain 15% protein
St. Johnswort              –  antidepressant qualities a sedative, antiinflammatory
Common Sage            –  antibacterial, antiseptic & antiinflammatory properties
Clary Sage                    –  high in Omega
Mad Dog Skullcap      –  headache remedy, insomnia, calms & strengthens nervous system
SeaBuckthorn           –  used in Indian, Chinese & Tibetan medicines, dermatological disorders
Selfheal                        –  has been used traditionally to heal just about everything
Stinging Nettle            –  one of best herbs used to stimulate hair growth
Toothache Plant         enhances immune system, improve digestion, helps nausea & retains numbing qualities
Red Yarrow                  –  antiinflammatory, antiseptic & astringent

Chinese Wolfberry     –  used in Chinese medicine for nearly 2000 years