Fruit seed list




Cranberry                    first used by Native Americans for food, medicine & other uses

Chinese Wolfberry     used in Chinese medicine for nearly 2000 years aka Goji Berry



Bilberry       has been used for nearly 1,000 years in traditional European medicine

Early             sweet flavor, used to make preservatives
Highbush    most common commercially grown blueberry, used in Native American cuisine


Black           rich raspberry flavor, deep colored & high quality
Blue             used in a number of candies & syrups
Red              leaves used for tea, entire plant high in antioxidants


Musk          gourmet wild strawberry, overtones of raspberry & citrus

Alpine , Mignonette              flavor much like Strawberry wine
Alpine , Reine des Vallees   excellent flavor grown commercially in Europe
Baron Von Solemacher        sweet, juicy, deep red antique German variety
Wonder Wild Red                  delicious, sweet & aromatic elongated red fruits
Wonder Wild Yellow             served in only the finest restaurants
Red N Juicy                           large, sweet, plump & juicy berries



Pink Dragon               large, red fruit with sweet flavored pulp

Sweet Granadilla    known as Sugar Fruit, the pulp is the edible part

Key Lime                  aka Bartenders or Mexican Lime, main ingredient for Key Lime Pie

Kiwi Fruit                  can be eaten fresh or in salads, sauces & juices

Noni                          a tree in the coffee family used as famine food

Pomegranate          introduced to Spanish America in the late 16th century

Black Sapote           Chocolate Pudding plant, fruit tastes like chocolate pudding

Pineapple Tomatillo  delicious pineapple tasting fruits



Dwarf Cavendish   main source of commercial Cavendish bananas



Cherry Lapins  Van cherries X Stelle cherries
Black Cherry    a wild cherry used in pies, preserves, flavorings & drinks


Ground Cherries

Cape Gooseberry Ground  excellent choice for old fashioned preserves, pies

Goldie Ground                      sweet flavor with a hint of strawberry & pineapple


Madeleine Angevine        –  white grapes, Madeleine Royale X Precoce de Malingre grapes
Common (Vitis Vinifera grown for wine making , table grapes , nonalcoholic juice



Dancy Tangerine originated in 1867, one of the oldest citrus varieties



New England Pie –  ideal for pies as well as mini jackolanterns



Ananas  French heirloom melon w/ sweet, pineapple like aroma. Popular since the 1800s

Ineya  this variety of melon is from the former Soviet Union

Luffa  grown for its fruit, member of the cucumber family, popular in China & Vietnam



Tuscan  golden orange flesh, flavor is high quality, sweeter than standard cantaloupes 



Orange  orange pulp, sweet & flavorful honeydew taste



Irish Grey –  oblong fruits of pale green & red flesh, sweet & juicy
Orange –  many medical uses, can be used for hangovers, fevers & dehydration
Moon & Stars Yellow –  a rare variant of Moon & Stars producing yellow flesh fruit
Georgia Rattlesnake –  old southern favorite dating back to 1867
Kleckley Sweets –  very sweet old heirloom watermelon dating back to mid 1800s
Tom Watson –  early 1900s heirloom popular with oldtimers
Sweet Princess –  Charleston Grey watermelon X Congo type watermelon