about S.A.M.



                                                                     Born in N.J. & raised in the suburbs of Philly & Jersey.

                    Crossed the Trenton Makes the World Takes bridge regularly on weekends for my Father’s visitation

                       At a young age he started teaching me how to Shooting Pool, Bowling, Playing Baseball, Basketball,

                        Gardening, Cooking, Self Defense, etc. & influencing me with all of his dreams for me to fulfill of 

                                     being a musician Singing & Playing Guitar along with his dream of owning a farm.


                                                 Unfortunately my family scumbagged me out of money & collectibles 

                                                          which would’ve been used to start Sam’s House VIP Garden 


                         We are @ 245 packs of Non-GMO, Heirloom & Rare seed so the collection is just about complete

                                               Sam’s House VIP Garden Club has now started & looking for members.

                     Oregon, the home of the best soil in the U.S., is the location Sam’s House is looking to settle down.

                Anyone with a background in Horticulture would be more than Welcome & input would be appreciated.

                                              Along with anyone who would be interested in contributing in any way.